Who is Brilliant Stranger?

Brilliant Stranger first appeared in a dream.  It was 2004, and I was living in Northern Wisconsin, raising my daughter and running a small business called “Inspire” in Bayfield, WI.  One night I dreamt about a surprising and entertaining character who appeared as I was driving.  In the dream I saw the words, “Brilliant Stranger on Board!”

Over the years, Brilliant Stranger has been the namesake of many projects, from art classes to travel journals.  Finally, in 2007 I moved to Door County Wisconsin and opened a retail store with the dream name, and brought all my visions to life under one roof.  Many people scratched their heads at the name.  Others seemed to comprehend the sentiment immediately.  I even received a crayon drawing at my counter one day with the words,”I understand… I AM the Brilliant Stranger!”  I saved that one.

In the seven years I ran Brilliant Stranger in Fish Creek I launched my clothing line “Refab.”  I hosted runway events and outdoor fashion shows, opened an etsy shop and spread the word of “Reduce, ReUse and Recycle” into the world of SE Wisconsin fashion. It’s been quite a trip, with many friendships forged and memories made.  And all using materials that someone tossed out or gave away.

My two greatest passions, art and recycling, grew into a business of their own during those seven years running a busy Door County shop.  I closed the doors to the FIsh Creek shop in the fall of 2013, choosing to concentrate on my own art and clothing designs.  This retreat from the busy task of running a shop has allowed me to grow Brilliant Stranger into a distinctive line of wearable art.  Centered around the motto MORE ART LESS WASTE, I am always striving to make the world beautiful with creativity and keep the world beautiful with conservation.  It is a love for the world that that the name Brilliant Stranger has come to represent: a love for the world and every living being that calls it home.

BIG NEWS!!!  Coming to Egg Harbor in Spring 2016: Brilliant Stranger/Ecotique featuring wearable art, eco-friendly wardrobe basics, art and hand crafted guitars by Dale Kumbalek.