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My name is Dale Kumbalek, and I have been working with wood for more than 40 years. I became interested in building musical instruments in 2008, and have been focusing on guitars since 2014. I prefer working with hand tools when possible, using power tools only for some of the larger tasks.

My approach to instrument building is from an artist’s perspective. Each guitar is designed one at a time and built freeform without the use of a mold. I use intuition as my guide to carve, bend, and shape each piece before combining them to make a unique one of a kind instrument.

I am an eco-friendly builder using sustainable materials and staying away from endangered species. My materials come from all over the world including local woods when possible. I select each piece based primarily on it’s acoustic properties and secondly on it’s visual beauty. The spruce and cedar I use for my guitar tops comes from northern British Columbia, Canada or Alaska and is rated as some of the best in the world.

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“The Performer steel string from Dale Kumbalek Tonewood has all the hallmarks of a top notch instrument: transparent, balanced tone, beautiful partials, consistent intonation throughout the neck, and excellent sound quality. This instrument records extremely well and is easy to play. It is also very handsome with its Tung Oil finish and nicely designed headstock. Overall a top quality instrument.”

-Hans Christian, STUDIO 330 Recording Studio
Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

The first time I played a Dale Kumbalek Tonewood guitar I knew in just a few strums how special his instruments are. They are beautiful to look at, but that does not compare to the inspiration provided from playing one. I am a better musician after a year of owning my ‘dk’. When I pick it up, clear my calendar, ‘cause I can’t put it down. Thank you Dale!”

-Ryan Thompson, Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Ryan Thompson Music
Nashville/Door County

“Everyone has a song in their heart. Rarely in life does one encounter a performance or instrument that makes the hair on the back of their neck stand up. Dale Kumbalek produces such an instrument. I’ve been playing guitar since 1974, and it’s an understatement that these guitars capture unprecedented tone.

Craftsmanship and artistry are blended to perfection when Dale produces an instrument. The appearance and individuality of these instruments are unparalleled.”

-Ron Holmgren, Musician, Singer, Songwriter

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