Brilliant Stranger Clothing by Dawn Patel

Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade Clothing Handmade by Dawn Patel

Brilliant Stranger clothing is the culmination of over 30 years of exploration, experimentation and invention. Featuring small batch runs of original wearable art, it is a line of clothing that stands apart from the crowd.  In a decade the Brilliant Stranger line has grown from funky OOAK up-cycled creations to a line of limited run and OOAK artisan clothing.
Brilliant Stranger clothing is inspired by nature to honor the earth as well as our own bodies, made with eco-friendly materials including organic cotton, linen, and vintage saris combined with sustainable practices such as up-cycling and natural/low-impact dyes.
The artistic vision behind Brilliant Stranger clothing thrives on constant invention and change. Utilizing playful dye techniques, quirky block prints, free hand stitching, beading, painting, and unconventional sewing techniques, I choose not to rely on old formulas and mass production. I would rather be breathing in the spark of new ideas.

Enjoy our photo gallery,  featuring our new spring 2017 Fair Trade Line, a special collaboration with Nepalese artisans.

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