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Mystery Stones

The Mysterystones project is a free arts project I started in the summer of 2014. It has been an exciting adventure. Over 2000 painted stones have traveled around the world, and some are documented with stories and photos. There’s some examples in the photos below.

Several years ago I had a dream.  In the dream I was led around a room by a man who placed his hand on my shoulder and calmly spoke to me.  This being led me through what would best be described as a computer lab, with many people working at their screens.  Suddenly the screens went blank.  Everyone reacted differently, some pounded on their keyboards, some shook the screens, some sat back and stared.  A few screens began to come back into focus, but not all.  My “guide” told me this: “Those who know why they are doing what they doing will control the technology.”  Then I woke up.  What I took from that dream was the realization that mastering the tools may be a doorway,  but mastering the art of self knowledge is the key.  This is where creative dreaming and the encounter of the unexpected guide us.  The Free Arts movement dreams and creates on the levels of gift economy, creativity and the commons in art.  Pathways to personal and collective self knowledge.

The Mysterystones gallery is just a sampling of all the places they have traveled, from local diners and beaches to Johannesburg, India and Istanbul.  One even found its way to Stonehenge, which was one of the highlights of the adventure.  Although I am no longer working on this project the stones still surface from time to time.  If you find one I am still very happy to hear about it.

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