There is a lot going on right now
and it is easy to become overwhelmed.
And at those times, it is very easy to desire
something to grasp.
A rule. A constant. Safe and Secure.
And what a lot of people seem to be missing
is that desire to find a constant, a rule
has created a culture
where areas of our lives that are not fixed in time and space,
spaces of our experience that flow and evolve with us,
are becoming fixed.
In order to control.
Coming from people in power this looks like Tyranny and Authoritarianism.
Coming from loved ones it sometimes arrives in more subtle forms of coercion.
Science is a word.
Seemingly meant to signify a constantly evolving method of seeing and re-seeing the natural world.
A world which then changes before us.
Ourselves changing in turn.
This word , Science, has gradually, through systems of commerce and power dynamics, become fixed.
A dogma of control and even domination.
As has happened for so many centuries with
Another word.
There is now a line being drawn between the polarities of these two very powerful words.
Creating sets of rules and bodies of allegiance set in opposition to each other.
We each have an incredible technology of awareness, integration and the ability to respond and act in the moment,
not from rules but from the direct communication with our inner technology.
Our bodies send signals, that when detected and responded to in the moment
guide us in the integrity of nature.
These signals, at one moment may tell you to sit quietly and rest.
At another moment it may tell you to move.
And at another moment it may tell you to speak out, in your own integrity and truth.
At times you may demonstrate religious qualities.
At other times you may exercise scientific inquiries.
And yet, not be in opposition to yourself.
And when we ignore these signals
we are left to the mercy of pernicious forces in the world.
The choice, to hear and respond to your own signal,
is freedom of choice.
You always choose.