I have made two decisions this month.
One is to leave paintings in their raw state.
The Other is to share all of my visions, even the ones I have been quiet about.
I don’t turn on a lightbulb. I see in the darkness and find my way through it.
What i see in the dark, i can’t see in the light. Not yet. Go deep, wake up. One day you will do both. 
We are in Kali time. I am Usha. My time is not here yet, but I am preparing for it.

In Kali time the darkness makes the others remember. We are not smaller than the one controlling the story. We control our story. We heal and are unafraid of the darkness.

The governments of the world call it post-colonial. We ARE living in a Neo-colonial world

My ancestors came to me in a dream. They were refugees from a war with no winners. 
They were seeking shelter in my cellar.
I asked the smaller man in front of the group, 
“How did you get in?”
he said,
“We always find a way in.”
I was afraid I could not care for them and I left them.
They left me.  For many years they were hidden in darkness and unknown to me.

I promised to stop hiding from the darkness of the world, 
as I promised to not let my grief for the world blind me.
I promised to walk out into the darkness and face every fear.
They are coming back to me.