It’s been so long since I’ve last written a blog post, I was beginning to doubt the future of this venture.  I’ve been busy living life, and with all the activity and changes that this summer brought to my life, blogging was not on my mind.  But the days are getting shorter and the chilly winds of fall are beginning to remind me of those long nights of reflection….

Last winter… Community, Courage and Nature were on my mind.
Changes.  This whole mid life thing isn’t bad at all, so if you’re a younger woman (or man) reading this let me tell you;  there are many advantages to this stage of life when the pressures and expectations of the world seem to drop.  You can feel invisible and unwanted, if you choose to look at it through Society’s blinders.  Or… you can finally step out of that cage that has been built through the Cultural  gaze and define and OWN your life.  Is this possible when you’re younger?  I think it can be done to a point, but none of us are completely free from the world we live in, for better or worse.  Each stage of life has its own strengths and obstacles to be overcome.  Enjoy where you’re at now… and know that it can just keep getting better.
The story can be told from the point of view of Ulysses, or the point of view of the Sirens
So yes, this means even now, in this period of freedom, none of us are completely free.  Our baggage, our personal history and the structures of culture we live within always, to some degree, will mold us and influence our thoughts, behavior and very being.  
We are the hands, we are the masks and we are the tangled webs

More to come…