The world of the Sentient Beings has always been here. 

It’s just that we don’t always see.

The Sentient Beings were in danger of becoming invisible to all.  Jackal turned himself into a man, and tried to convince the people that these beings exist, are all around us.
Jackal can still be recognized by the hole where the moon jumped through him.

When Jackal vanished from the Sentient Scape, the introvert traveled to earth to find him.

It was all quite a mess for awhile.  Most humans mocked Jackal for his outlandish stories, and they could not see the world he pointed out to them.
The Introvert landed in a dark alley far from her intended destination and found herself alone in a hostile world.
And Masquerade knew this was his moment, his one chance to accomplish plans, plans that were born out of greed and fear.