This is the Cloak I began early this year, at that time I was calling it “Cape.”  I went to an artist’s residency in Mexico with the intention of making a fiber cocoon, in which to perform my embodiment process.  What I ended up making was a wearable piece that must be performed to fulfill its purpose, as the testimony that it is.

As of now I have publicly perfomed the Cloak three times.  It could be said the Cloak has performed itself through me.

Here is the latest performance, done with a very small group in Egg Harbor, WI.  The final piece lasted over 2 hours.

A few video segments…

In this segment I explain how the Cloak came to be…


Before that performance I did a livestream performance with the Cloak, which involved a reading of “The Ship of Skeletons.”
And finally, the first performance, which took place in Mexico, at the Zocalo in Puebla.
It has become evident to me that the Cloak is a garment of initiation, and being an initiatic process, the Cloak is changing as I change.  The entire experience is metamorphic, being documented as a living testimony to the experience of becoming through change in the time and the world I live in.
More information about the residency ARQUETOPIA