We Always Find a Way In is the imaginative picturing of the present that has emerged from a dream and two visions.   In the dream I was awoken from a deep sleep by noises in my basement.  When I went down to investigate I found dozens of humbly clad people living in my basement.  They were obviously poor and desperate, sleeping, feeding babies, huddling in corners and some just standing to watch what I did.  I asked one of the men, “How did you get in here?”  And he gestured at the tiny basement window, just open a crack, and answered, “We always find a way in.”

I painted this by combining my memory of the dream with a vision of a fierce and protective yellow faced girl and a woman who sheltered humans between her massive legs.  What arose was a goddess of destructive force, here to protect, while also tearing down the veils.  Her anger is channeled into love.  In this second painting in the series the veils are more permeable and much more is to be revealed.